bridgette circle.png

Bridgette Wallace

Bridgette is a hoot! Expect to feel understood and comfortable around her. She makes excellent on-the-spot judgment calls all while remaining calm and clear. She upholds the company’s standards of cleaning while maintaining a great attitude.

Fun Fact: Former career as an animal cruelty investigator (Protecting and serving our furry brothers and sisters!)

Hidden Superpower: Her creative intelligence quietly arises in exactly the time it’s needed.


Brian Chavarría

Brian is a resourceful, caring & funny guy. He makes the extra effort to make sure that the job is done beautifully well. Expect that Brian will do his best to make sure things are running smoothly.

Fun fact: He LOVES anime and classical piano music.

Hidden Superpower: His love for new knowledge keeps his mind ever-expanding. Oh, and he sometimes brings us breakfast…

Autumn Circle.png

Autumn Demond

Autumn’s willingness to do the right thing in every circumstance makes her a great ally to any job. Expect Autumn to bring the extra sparkle to make your house feel like a well-loved home.

Fun fact : She loves to geek-out on conspiracy theories and learn about knowledge of healing.

Hidden Superpower: She pays attention to details most of us don’t even know exist.

savanah circle.png

Savanah Wald

Savanah’s gentle kindness is revealed in her courtesy and thoughtful approach to cleaning and tidying. Her attitude about life and people reflect her spiritual values and ethical standards. With Savanah cleaning, you can be assured that your home will be cleaned impeccably well.

Fun Fact: Savanah holds a Yoga Teacher Certification & practices Yoga and meditation on a regular basis.

Hidden Superpower: Her kind-hearted presence brings a feeling of serenity and calmness.

becca round.png

Becca Irvine

Becca is so grateful and positive. Her laughter speaks volumes! She handles challenges in a way that inspires others to keep their chins up while keeping focused on the goal ahead. A bit quiet at first, expect to feel like your home is loved and well-attended to.

Fun Fact: She was a stay-at-home mom for 5 years and is raising a wonderful daughter.

Hidden Superpower: Her upbeat attitude motivates others to triumph through difficult times, and she is often seeking new ways to grow and learn.

Rose Rolnick.png

Rose Rolnick

Rose is multi-talented and super hard working. Her heart is as big as her efforts. We think it is because she is a genuinely caring and considerate human being from the inside all the way out to those around her.

Fun fact: Rose is a Canine Care Specialist. She is certified in Canine Obedience, Behavior Modification Training, Pet Nutrition and Pet Massage Therapy.

Hidden Superpower: Dogs obey and love her

Triya Circle.png


Triya Smith

Triya approaches cleaning and business like they are healing arts. She is continually working to improve herself and the company to reflect her highest ideals. She prides herself in coaching the staff to become the best they can be.

Fun fact: The hardest thing Triya ever did was work her way through college with a 3.8 gpa while raising a toddler on her own. (She does not recommend it ;-)

Hidden Superpower: She is a human truth detector and can understand the dynamics of human interactions with lightning speed and accuracy.

Gabriel Circle Best.png


Gabriel Moss

Gabriel is quite frankly, a super nice guy. He's always good for a hearty laugh and a great story. You can expect to feel his care and willingness to think of helpful solutions for anyone he comes into contact with. 

Fun fact: He loves coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. He's always thinking big.

Hidden Super Power: He creates knowledge-based systems and integrates lots of pieces of information into a working flow for others to use and benefit from. His memory is better than yours and mine put together.