Great Vibes Cleaning is a place where you’re supported in your personal and professional growth while doing work that makes people's day. You’ll be working with coworkers who have high integrity, a great attitude, a care and appreciation of their clients and each other - all while getting well paid and appreciated for your awesome work.

The team at Great Vibes Cleaning seeks to be an example of healthy human dynamics. We work towards this goal with three core values: 

Equal Human ValueWe strive to respect the value of each human life.

While an individual may have more or less expertise, more or less perspective, or a role with more or less responsibility, everyone’s value as a human being is intrinsically the same.

TruthWhat’s right is more important than who’s right.

At Great Vibes Cleaning, we strive to maintain an environment where we feel comfortable being honest about what is working or not working. When the truth is known, it is then possible to make changes which are aligned with what is in the best interest for all involved.

GrowthPersonal, Professional and Organizational

If you wish to strive to be a better person, while participating in the growth of an organization that seeks to be an exemplary company within the community, Great Vibes Cleaning may be the place for you.

The Benefits of Working Here: 

  • You will be working for a company that stands by its namesake. We are a tight knit group and stay in daily communication with each other. We’re not perfect, but in general, we are encouraging and supportive. When you rock it, you’ll hear about it. If you’re making mistakes, someone will respectfully bring it to your attention and do what they can to support you. 

  • You’ll have a chance to learn many new skills (not just cleaning) and will be asked to maintain consistent levels of responsibility, all of which could be great assets to your adventure called life. 

  • Gabriel and Triya are healing arts practitioners. If you need support with your health, recovering from injury, immune system boosting, allergies or simply reducing the feeling of stress, you have the option to receive mini-sessions at no charge as well as more formal sessions which are at a deep discount. 

  • You get paid good money. Your pay is based on your performance. The more you apply the methods we instruct in, the higher your average $ per hour rate will be. Pay is between $16/hour on the rare low end and $25/hour on the rare high end. Usually it’s between $17 and $22. 

The Challenges of the Position 

  • Being a Cleaning Artisan is a physical workout ;-). You’re on your feet and using your body while applying your focused attention to do excellent work. Our team has said that they get more fit and closer to their ideal weight while working as a Cleaning Artisan. These benefits come with effort, and the effort can be a challenge, especially in the beginning while your body is being conditioned.   

  • You need to drive yourself to and from people's homes. 

The Expectations of a Cleaning Artisan

  • Have and maintain a clean & reliable vehicle to get you to and from your client’s homes. 

  • Show up for work (almost) without fail. Reliability is important - not showing up for scheduled work compromises our ability to be consistent for our clients: You need to be reliable and consistent.

  • Use physical and emotional strength and balance. If you want to improve and develop either or both of these strengths, the healing work Triya and Gabriel practice is an excellent method to make it much easier to accomplish. 

  • Have a desire to deliver remarkable experiences to other people. In other words, be someone who feels good by making other people feel good.

  • Show care for clients and teammates by caring about the little things. Details matter a great deal with this work, and you’ll fit in well if they matter to you too. 

  • Be at least 18 years old and available for 28-35 hours of employment per week. 

If you are stoked about reading this offer, We invite you to apply! The only way to do that is to Submit your cover letter & resume below.

We’d love if you could include a quick video along with your resume. In your video, please tell us why you think you’re a good fit for this job and how you would rock this position. This is purely for us to get a preliminary sense of your personality. If you decide not to send a video, please tell us why you chose not to.

We are looking forward to the possibility of meeting you!

Triya, Gabriel and The Great Vibes Team

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